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Temple Live with Renne

A series of live recordings and a conversation with the band Renne. We had fun. Listen here: And/or download here For the sake of reference, Renne is: Tim Brey on … Continue reading

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A Film Major’s Guide to the Galaxy, or 10 Movies You Should See this Year According to this Fucking Guy

We all know that guy. You know, the film major guy.  Scraggly facial hair, obscure movie reference on his t-shirt accented charmingly by an open flannel and, in some unfortunate … Continue reading

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Boobs and Brawn: The “Game of Thrones” Obsession

If you happen to be at the Tech Center on a Sunday afternoon, the trending phrase overheard is: “I need to finish this assignment before the new episode of Game … Continue reading

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Music Houses

The Worst House Location: Where the bands play: The bands play up against a window in a very small, cramped living room.  If you’re walking by the house and feel … Continue reading

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Temple in Springtime

Song is “Sunshine” by Atmosphere     Here’s my blog, yo: http://playzwithwordz.wordpress.com/

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Freestyle Fridays

If you find yourself walking past the Bell Tower on Temple University’s Main Campus Friday, and see a collection of students encircled, don’t be afraid to stop by. I promise … Continue reading

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‘][’emple ‘][‘ruth; What You Should Know About College Relationships

Coming from high school, freshman are only familiar with myths embedded by media sources, stories told from close friends, and behavioral speeches recited by parents. From choosing the major that … Continue reading

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ET CETERA JOBS: what your future employer doesn’t have to know

Desperate times call for desperate job searches. Fortunately for graduating students with flexible schedules, there are plenty of ways to earn pocket cash— and lots of local Philadelphians asking for … Continue reading

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College Style Essentials

College students haven’t always been known as a fashionable bunch. It seems we were always too busy with our schoolwork to worry about our clothes. But now college students want … Continue reading

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How to be a successful Psychology Major

Psychology is one of the most confusing, self-reflective majors in college.  You constantly have people asking if you’re analyzing them right now or asking for free therapy sessions.  You’re bombarded … Continue reading

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Commuter Students and the Food Truck (guide included)

It’s incredibly easy for commuter students to be detached from the university they attend. They show up for a few hours a day for class, probably not every day of … Continue reading

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The Black Pearl & The Perry Pact

Tyler Perry should bow down to the North Philadelphia community and especially the Pearl at Avenue North (right above the Foot Locker that nobody knows about).  Every time one of … Continue reading

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Important Information Pertaining to Department 072.846 from the Center for Announcement Dissemination

We are pleased that you have selected Temple University to spend the best four* years of your life! We were going to host Temple Financial Services as our guest blogger … Continue reading

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Tebowmania at Temple?

Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing icons in sports today. His infectious smile, competitive nature, and religious passion have stolen the hearts of both sports fans and others alike. Before he became … Continue reading

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Going Mainstream

When you need a break from the Temple music houses and want to branch out into the mainstream music scene there a few places around townto indulge… Union Transfer (the … Continue reading

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Walk Etiquette: A College Guide

When on a college campus, people forget that there are unwritten rules that must be followed. People who do not recognize these rules are immediately viewed as outsiders. To the … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of the Bookstore

You will be using the bookstore over your 4 or so years at Temple. So follow these tips to make things a little bit easier on yourself. Do: take advantage … Continue reading

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Temple University Goes to Big East: What this means for you

At the beginning of the 2012 spring semester Temple University announced its return to the Big East Conference. (Temple used to be in the Big East a decade ago, but … Continue reading

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Announcing: New Department

In accordance with the ruling in Temple University v Meddling Kids, we here at Temple are proud to be legally obligated to reveal our Department of Supernatural Sciences. The Department … Continue reading

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6:01 am. Alarm goes off. Snooze is hit. Sweetest sleep spot is reached. 6:06. Alarm goes off again. Hit again, another doze is needed. 10:01. Alarm is bumbling its last … Continue reading

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